Posts by Story and Topic

I have decided that some readers may be looking for a particular story or topic in the Bible, but don’t know which book or chapter that story or topic is found.  So, this page will give links to any and all posts which cover a particular story or topic.  I will add links as I post, so naturally not all stories will be covered until I have finished the Bible, however if there is a particular story or topic that you would like me to address, please let me know and I will get to it as soon as I can.

Thanks,  Ron


First Creation:  Genesis 1, Genesis 2

Second Creation:  Genesis 2

Garden of Eden:

Creation of:  Genesis 2

Adam and Eve’s Eviction From: Genesis 3

Talking Snakes:  Genesis 3

Noah’s Flood: Genesis 6, Genesis 7, Genesis 8-11

Biblical Timeline:  Genesis 5Genesis 6Genesis 7Genesis 8-11


Birth and Travel to Canaan: Genesis 8-11

In Egypt: Genesis 12-15

In Israel: Genesis 12-15, Genesis 16-19, Genesis 20-24


Birth and attempted Sacrifice:  Genesis 20-24

And Rebekah:  Genesis 20-24, Genesis 25-28

And Esau:  Genesis 25-28

Death of: Genesis 29-35


Birth and Travel to Canaan: Genesis 8-11

In Sodom: Genesis 12-15, Genesis 16-19

Impregnating his daughters:  Genesis 16-19


Family: Genesis 29-35, Genesis 36-42, Genesis 43-50

And Rachel: Genesis 29-35

And Tamar: Genesis 36-42

In Egypt: Genesis 43-50

Death:  Genesis 43-50

Joseph:  Genesis 36-42


Birth and pre-Exodus life:  Exodus 1-5

As God’s Messenger: Exodus 1-5Exodus 6-10

Magician: Exodus 1-5, Exodus 6-10

Incest:  Genesis 4, Genesis 8-11, Genesis 16-19, Genesis 20-24, Genesis 25-28, Genesis 29-35, Exodus 6-10

Genocide:  Genesis 5-6, Genesis 7, Genesis 16-19, Genesis 29-35,

Plagues: Genesis 12-15, Genesis 36-42, Exodus 6-10

Rape: Genesis 12-15, Genesis 29-35

Slavery: Genesis 12-15, Genesis 29-35, Exodus 1-5, Exodus 6-10

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